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Did you Locks are Graded?

Many people go into big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes looking for their homes next lock. There are many different options, such as function, style, color and many more. Sometimes just picking a lock can be quite a decision. The only problem is that often the single most important piece of information that is looked over is the grade of the lock. Yes locks actually do receive grades. Many times manufactures will put guarantees and features on their packaging but unless you know what you are looking for the level of security of the lock is often found in small print on the back.

Locks are graded and grouped into 3 levels, grade 1,2, & 3. This system was developed by the Underwriters Laboratory, UL and the American National Standards Institute or ANSI. Each lock is put through progressively harder tests to show wear or failure. Each grade specifies minimum acceptable requirements for operation, key torque cycles, pull strength, impact resistance and finish.

Typically Grade 3 locks are the least secure, don't let the higher number fool you, and hold up to less wear and tear that its counter parts. Typically the locks are cheaper and ofter referred to as "builders quality" locks and are fine for secondary doors in the home but not recommended for main entry points. Some of the locks on your home right now might be grade 1 locks. Thats why it is so important to look at packing of the lock you are planning on purchasing. Grade 2 is typically a good bet for residential applications and light to moderate commercial use. Grade 1 is the best when it comes to strength, resistance to attack and wear and tear and are typically seen on heavy commercial and or industrial. Each comes with its own respective price tag.

At Coastal Lock and key we only carry Grade 2 locks in both handle sets and deadbolt applications. We want you to feel secure in your home and only install top quality locks. Call Coastal Lock and Key of Virginia Beach to see how we can update your current locks to more secure and better functioning locks.

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