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Why Replace when you can Rekey?


When purchasing a new home or renovating your current home there are a ton of options available to consumers regarding your homes locks. One of the first considerations when purchasing a new home is changing the locks on the home to ensure no-one as a working key to your new home that you don't want. Many new home buyers assume that in order to do that a new lock set must be purchased. Not true! Almost always the cheaper option is to rekey your locks to work with a new key. As long as all the locks on your home are the same manufacture, i.e. Schlage Kwikset or other brand, then each lock can be rekeyed to the same key giving you confidence that no one else has a copy of your homes key. Contact Coastal Lock and Key today to rekey your home to a new factory cut key. Other option are available on request to further upgrade your current locks to make them further resistant to picking and bumping.

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